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“I am a forest, and a night of dark trees: but he who is not afraid of my darkness, will find banks full of roses under my cypresses.”

celebrating life, love, and new life. we love you Anthony 🌸

celebrating life, love, and new life. we love you Anthony 🌸

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paddling from outer space in both currents #hooplah #hoopdance

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Heading to Sarasota this weekend!

Any hoopers at the New College of Florida wanna spin?
I’m going to Sarasota for Ann Humphrey’s workshop and staying on campus for two days :)

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Black Teen Pregnancy Rates Drop By 51 Percent—Thanks To Responsible Teens →


things you won’t hear about in the news but need to be in the news

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Anonymous asked: why do black women feel the need to wear weave?





idk maybe because of shit like this

or this



noticing a trend….

instead of asking “why black women feel the need to wear weaves” let’s ask “why black women have been made to feel that they need a weave in the first place”….

for centuries the standard of beauty has not been that of the black woman…(we all know who i’m talking about)  instead we have been pushed to ‘conform’ to those standards without any second thoughts…i mean “white is right”…right….

black women are the only group of people  who have been unmercifully criticized for the hair that grows naturally from their scalp…we have been told that our natural locs are “uncivilized’ “ugly’ undesirable’…that in order to be anywhere near beautiful we’ll have to rock straight european hair or permanently straighten our’s all psychological from years and years of conforming..sadly the ideas and stigmas still have an effect on black women of today… 

it’s sad that the number of us who have gone natural are looked up to as ‘being brave’ or ‘being a leader….the fact that black women even had to “go natural” shows how much we’ve fucked up and how society has brainwashed us into believing we are less than on the beauty scale because of something God blessed us with…

what’s even more saddening, is not only do black women have to deal with the ignorance of other races not understanding our hair, but we also have to deal with the comments of black men who have fallen into the “bash black hair’ trap….the cycle never ends…

Even though the stigma behind wearing a weave is thought to be fueled by self hatred, on the complete opposite side of the spectrum some women wear weaves to better their natural hair…the elements can be SO harsh on black hair and sometimes it just needs a break. wearing a weave helps maintain hair growth while protecting it from the weather for months at a time.

Also some black women just love to change up their looks every once in awhile and they do so by wearing a weave because it’s much easier than dying, growing, or cutting their natural hair…so let them have fun expressing themselves…

in my experience, i’ve had multiple white women strictly assume that black women wear weaves to “get like them” 


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this shit


yes. yes. YESSSSSS!!!

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